Red Ginseng Snail & Ashwagandha Ferment Facial Mask

Facial mask made with fermented Ashwagandha, a ginseng of India, Fermented red ginseng facial mask


달팽이 추출물






Red Ginseng Snail Ferment Facial Mask

Forming Gel
Pure Vitamin C Ampoule
Moringa Oil 30mg, Vitamin C 200mg contained
The high-enriched impact ample is the synergy ample that we apply before using a mask pack and that
has Moringa Oleifera oil with full of vitamin, mineral and amino acid and keeps the skin supple and
moisturized as well as smoothens corneum with effect of vitamin C and makes the mask pack absorb well by supplying enough moisture.
The vitamin, itself, promotes the collagen and prevents the skin damage.
Red Ginseng Ferment Mask
Moisture and nutrition intensive treatment
[8 harmful ingredients free]Paraben/Artificial dyes/Phenoxyethanol/Benzophenon/Mineral oil/Sulfate/Petroleum/Animal oil -free
[Product Features]
Containing the slime of red ginseng-fed snails, the product has extraordinary effect on healing wounds, skin reproduction, and relieving skin irritation. This facial mask also contains moringa oil and extract from the miraculous, immortal moringa tree, which helps with skin whitening & wrinkle improvement. You can also experience antioxidant, antibacterial, and lightening effect from the extract of Ashwagandha, a ginseng of India.
By using the mild and soft silk-containing high-quality sheet, providing no gap between your skin and the mask,
your skin will be replenished with rich nutrients and intensive hydration.
[Efficacy and Effect]
It maintains skin elasticity and excellent moisturizing with promoting skin restoration through abundant saponin from
the slime of snail that fed red ginseng compared to common snail.

Ashwagandha Ferment Facial Mask

Pure Vitamin C Ampoule
Moringa Oil 30mg, Vitamin C 174mg (8.7%) contained
[Product Specification]
This high-enriched impact ampoule should be applied before using a facial mask.
It contains Moringa Oleifera, which is rich in vitamin, mineral and amino-acid, and pure vitamin C,
which is for elasticizing and moisturizing skins, moreover, exfoliating softly.
This synergy ampoule feeds sufficient moisture so aids in the absorption and effectiveness of a facial mask.
The contained vitamin promotes to produce more collagen and prevents skins from damaging.
[8 harmful ingredients free]Paraben/Artificial dyes/Phenoxyethanol/Benzophenon/Mineral oil/Sulfate/Petroleum/Animal oil -free
Modam Ashwagandha(Winter Cherry) Ferment Mask Sheet
Intensive Moisturizing and Nourishment Treatment,Silk-Containing Cupra Mask Sheet,
KFDA Certified Dual Functional Cosmetics for Wrinkle Improvement and Whitening
[Product Features]
Moisturizing and Nourishment / Intensive Care
The mask contains "Indian Wild Ginseng", a mysterious secret of Ash and Ganda, as well as the Moringa oil and extracts,
which are called the miracle trees, or the ever-young trees.It is a dual function mask that improves whitening and wrinkles,
in which Momam prescribed the matured / fermented essence (Stevia, Moringa, Graviola, Green tea, Angelicae, Cassia,
Licorice, Sun Tree, Wormwood, and Huttuynia Cordata) at a high concentration. The mask contains calcium, magnesium, iron,
and potassium that promote metabolism, and it is of high quality made out of birch sap that contains plenty of Micro Elements
which are essential to your skin. Using this high quality mask containing silk
that is soft on your skin provides excellent adhesion with abundant nutrition and intensive moisture supply.
[Efficacy and Effect]
Helps improve wrinkles (adenosine) and whitening (niacinamide)of skin.