Natural Fermented Modam Scalp Primer

Scalp massage, cleansing product used instead of shampoo or before shampoo


Houttuynia cordata, chrysanthemum zawadskii, artemisia annua, greea tea, fennel, oriental arborvitae, pine needle,
perilla frutescens, mint, licorice, aged black garlic, red ginseng, antler; 13 kinds of herbal medicines are fermented, aged and dried to produce powders.









Explanation of products

Scalp massage, cleansing product used instead of shampoo or before shampoo
The soap includes oriental medicine fermented liquid that was ripened for 3-5 months with 100% natural components,
and with Modam's unique fermenting ripening technology, we have registered patents domestically and internationally.
Because it's composed of oriental medicinal herbs that are good for hair loss such as Uhsungcho green tea and so on,
the product has effects for scalp's trouble improvement, itchiness easing, hair loss protection.
Modam Korea based things on the technology of making products by adding boiled or decocted fermented herb medicine liquid to shampoo,
has acquired patents in Korea as well as the USA, and has finished patent applications to China and Japan.
Currently, the raw material used in Modam scalp primer, mediclinic shampoo liquid,
and hair tonic liquid intactly carry the stubbornness of CEO Ko Eun Ju's regarding quality,
and we continue to manufacture with strict standards.

Carrier oil: coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, camellia oil, castor oil.
Additive: EM fermented soap water
[Efficacy and Effect]
Effective care for scalp nutrition, scalp cell regeneration, dandruff and itching, promoting hair growth, and trouble and seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp.